Alliance Storage Technologies

Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc., Integrates Sony’s new Optical Disc Archive into their multi-tier Data Storage Archiving Solution

ASTI has developed a revolutionary new data storage archiving solution. The next generation solution incorporates a modular approach allowing customers to design an archive platform with any combination of on-premises, cloud, or a hybrid storage, with centralized monitoring, control, and management of the entire archiving ecosystem. The optional high-performance optical tier provides the assurance that data is permanently stored and protected over the long-term. ASTI’s solution is tightly integrated with Sony Optical Disc Archive products and offers excellent total cost of ownership, high capacity footprint, and exemplary performance. General availability of the integrated solution is scheduled for shipment end of Q2 2016.   ASTI anticipates that the new solution will solidify the industry perception that optical is the most desirable storage tier for long-term data archiving.  Go to for the complete announcement.