Computergate has developed and operated a network of IT professionals over the last 20 years throughout APAC. This network includes direct relationships with technical resources and third-party IT service providers who offer nationwide service in their country for Computergate.


What is Computergate Service Desk?


The key benefit of engaging with our IT help desk technicians lies in the fact that they truly understand the issues our clients face on a day-to-day basis. Our team is onsite whenever needed to ensure we have a first-hand understanding of your needs.

When you sign up for any of our IT Managed Services you get support included. To use the Computergate’s Service Desk is:

  • Fast, reliable support
  • Reduced expenditure on IT services
  • Access to a team of technicians who have technical knowledge that is constantly updated and second-to-none
  • Fewer disruptions, and recurring IT problems
  • Confidence in knowing that you have proactive support, with our technicians troubleshooting and taking care of issues before they become bigger problems

Our Service Delivery team takes  proactive approach in maintaining
the relationships with these resources and is in daily communication
dispatching resources in support of customer requests, scheduling
planned projects, updating resource availability and participation in any
support program.

Typical Service Desk Workflow

    • Contracted Hours
        1. User calls the Service Desk to request support.
    • Service Desk
        1. The Service Desk reviews device entitlement and then provides support for issue resolution.
        2. Standard Triage for fault isolation & Parts replacement
    • OMA On-Site Dispatch or Remote Support as Required
        1. On-Site visit scheduled with client with remediation plan or preventative maintenance visit for OMAs. Remote support offered or ticket closed and system updated.
    • Non-OMA Request. T&M Chargeable Services
        1. Chargeable Services for T&M clients.
    • Service Management
        1. Service Delivery Managers review daily performance and data management.

Benefits of working with Computergate

Delivery of complex systems and services on time and within budget.

  • Proven OEM management capabilities allowing for the simplicity of dealing with an Authorised Service Provider for complex system builds.
  • The reassurance that comes with Computergate’s experience and complete range of products and services.
  • Disciplined management systems and clear risk sharing arrangements to ensure successful product delivery.
  • A service provider that is not constantly operating beyond it’s “peak-load” capacity and where people are assigned to jobs in their areas of expertise
  • Design and delivery of business solutions that meet your organisations requirements whilst keeping your long term goals in mind.

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