Computergate’s Service Partner Program develops relationships and provides the opportunity for mutual growth.

Computergate recognises the importance of providing quality service and support for our valued customers. As a testament to our commitment, we are dedicated to elevating the stadard of service by establishing a direct partnership with Computergate as an Independent Service Provider (ISP) for your products.

Why partner with Computergate?

Computergate has become a major Independent Service Provider throughout Asia & ANZ. Our market presence is an opportunity for our service & vendor partners to provide value, depth and quality services to their customers and assist in securing new business relationships globally. Our existing partners are constantly evolving their service capabilities and extended reach through building solid service strategies that meets their customer’s needs. Using Computergate allows you to offer service to your customers globally without the huge investment in resources and large overheads. Become part of the Computergate family and your company can enjoy the benefits of being connected to a world leader in technology services.

Computergate currently delivers ‘Smart Hands’ for global service organisations and ‘Extended Warranties’ for renowned brands across the ASEAN & Pacific region. we have consistently demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to deliver quality service and support to each and everyone one of our customers.

Our onboarding process, coupled with our extensive service expertise, offers you peace of mind, knowing that a certified service-centric organization is ready to address any product remediation needs promptly. This guarantees that clients can rely on Computergate to resolve problems in a timely manner, providing them with the peace of mind they deserve.

You can be assured of consistency in service delivery by Computergate-certified service professionals, as well as the finest care and attention for all your service needs, whenever and wherever you need it.

Expand Your Global Reach To Accelerate Growth

Computergate’s Service Partner Program develops relationships and provides the opportunity for mutual growth.


Become a part of a Global Service Network and expand together

Global reach

Ability to leverage a global network of partners to offer clients a complete service.


The program is to enhance & grow existing
partners to build close reciprocal relationships with each other

Service Centric

Like-minded service organisations focused on delivering quality outcomes to all clients.


Become part of a select group of service organisations, that represents a single global

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ISP Service Benefits

• Extensive Service Network throughout Asia & ANZ
• Trained-Certified Helpdesk Professionals
• Service Levels designed to your needs
• Dedicated Phone Support
• Multiple location holdings of Consigned Spare Parts
• Warranty Renewals Management
• Computergate Quality & Service Commitment

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