Service Desk

Computergate has developed and operated a network of IT professionals over the last 20 years throughout APAC. This network includes direct relationships with technical resources and third-party IT service providers who offer nationwide service in their country for Computergate. Our Service Delivery team takes a proactive approach in maintaining the relationships with these resources and is in daily communication dispatching resources in support of customer requests, scheduling planned projects, updating resource availability and participation in any support program.

Resourcing Services

Computergate offers a resourcing service to deploy level 1 and level 2 technicians based at the client’s site for short and long term contracts. Our resourcing services aim at helping your business to overcome challenges, maximize workforce efficiency and stay to competitive, by matching the best person to suit your needs. This is perfect for those clients who have flat or reducing head count and require specific projects to be outsourced for a short period of time. These staffing services are available at all of the Asia Pacific locations also for permanent staff.

Project Coordination

Computergate has an established reputation as a leading supplier of service & support for many vendor hardware products. Backed by a service organisation which is a world class leader in providing first class, mission critical technical support throughout Asia Pacific, EMEA and the Americas, Computergate caters for organisations wishing to minimise support hassles while maximising their return on investment from a complete range of IT equipment.

Technology Services

Computergate Australia has the knowledge, industry contacts and the capacity to build and install hardware and ship a complete solution to the customer site where it can be installed and maintained by trained and certified Engineers. Major systems integration risks and costs lie hidden behind end-user desktop screens. Typically, the IT solutions envisaged by end-users incorporate multi-vendor systems, multiple standards, and a wide variety of technologies. And, if that isn’t enough, they also affect the handling of large volumes of mission-critical information about customers, transactions, financial accounts and core business operations. Clearly, solutions are growing in complexity and at the same time, users are demanding fast delivery of robust, reliable systems – on time and within budget.

Point of Sale

Computergate provides Point of Sale and IT Maintenance services, hardware and software implementation, and staff training across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. From our years of experience with Point of Sale (POS) Systems and custom hardware devices, we have developed expertise in working in non-it type environments, such as retail stores, hotels, food & beverage, warehousing, exceeding the traditional hardware maintenance service of simply “swapping out” faulty hardware.

Logistics Services

Computergate’s logistics services can be tailored to your business’ budget and timeframes to support you in providing an advanced replacement for high-value, complex products such as enterprise servers. storage and networking products through to high usage fast replacements parts. Our Computergate Service Centers have the warehousing and distribution capabilities as well as the expertise and delivery network to provide specialist storage, pick, pack and RMA services. we offer storage, inventory management and subsequent delivery of replacement spare parts within your critical timeframes.

Extended Warranty

Computergate provides expert vendor warranty through to end-of–life maintenance for high availability server, storage, desktop, networking and speciality related equipment, regardless of model or manufacturer, anywhere anytime. Whether you need on-going, day to day maintenance support or general coverage for break/fix services. We understand you may have mission critical operations or just want peace of mind. No matter what your requirements are, we will be able to offer you an extended warranty service that gives you the confidence that your equipment will be repaired and back in use.

Smart Hands Services

Computergate’s smart hands service provides 24×7 support with quick response times, ensuring minimal disruption to your business. From cabling and troubleshooting to logistics and asset management, our team of experts is equipped to handle any technical issue that may arise. With flexible SLA options, you can customize your support plan to suit your business needs. Trust us to provide the technical expertise you need so you can focus on your core business.

Benefits of working with Computergate

Delivery of complex systems and services on time and within budget.

  • Proven vendor management capabilities allowing for the simplicity of dealing with an Authorised Service Provider for complex system builds.
  • The reassurance that comes with Computergate’s experience and complete range of products and services.
  • Disciplined management systems and clear risk sharing arrangements to ensure successful product delivery.
  • A service provider that is not constantly operating beyond it’s “peak load” capacity and where people are assigned to jobs in their areas of expertise.
  • Design and delivery of business solutions that meet your organisations requirements whilst keeping your long term goals in mind.

Drawdown as a Service (DDaaS)

DDaaS (Drawdown as a Service) allows for the prepayment of Tech Time that can be used for IT Support across the entire APAC region. This innovative offering empowers your company with the flexibility to purchase a block of time at a discounted rate, ensuring seamless IT assistance wherever you operate in APAC. With this solution, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your IT needs are covered, regardless of location, and benefit from significant cost savings through volume purchases.

The advantage in DDaaS is:
1. Volume discounts applicable, the more you buy the cheaper it gets.
2. We will automatically top up and invoice you when minimum time is left.
3. Time consumption can be in any Country you chose.
4. Pre-purchase of Budget allocation and use at a later stage. Need to spend prior to EOFY?
5. Use of Funds can offset against any product Purchases.
6. Billing in USD from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore or Thailand.

Take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity to optimise your IT support across many countries and elevate your company’s efficiency to new heights.

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