Extend your IT workforce with Computergate’s Field Services capabilities Globally and meet the growing demands of your business.

Computergate recognises the importance of the availability of IT staff on demand by using our Global Field Service Network, you can plan your IT project to be delivered in your time frame. As part of our commitment, Computergate strives to raise the level of service through direct partnership as an Independent Service Provider (ISP) for your company.

World Hand

Computergate currently delivers ‘Smart Hands’ field services for multi-national companies for well-known global brands and has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to deliver quality service and support to each one of them.

Our intimate relationship and extensive service acumen offer you peace of mind, knowing that a service-centric organization is on the ready when you need to deliver projects on-time. This ensures that clients can trust Computergate to work with you in a timely manner, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

You can be assured of consistency in service delivery by Computergate-certified service professionals, as well as the finest care and attention for all your service needs, whenever and wherever you need it.


When choosing Computergate as your Independent Service Provider (ISP), you’re opting for a partner with all-vendor expertise and unwavering commitment, ensuring the right choice for your business, especially when customer satisfaction is a top priority. Consider these crucial tips when engaging our ISP services:

  1. Single Point of Contact for Faster Resolution:
    Calling one number is faster and more efficient, especially in a crisis. Our proactive experts are already familiar with your technology and can remotely diagnose problems as soon as you make the call. A high-quality ISP is designed for convenient, immediate contact and rapid response, offering dedicated technical support until your equipment is fully restored.
  2. Simplified Management and Cost-Effectiveness:
    Managing one service provider is easier and more cost-effective. Dealing with multiple service providers can lead to management headaches and channel conflicts. Computergate, as an independent service provider, offers a single point of contact, providing expertise across all products under a single agreement. This ensures peace of mind throughout the sales and repair cycle.
  3. Safety and Consistency with a Dedicated Service Team:
    Relying on a single service team trained and experienced across all products provides peace of mind. Computergate’s dedicated technical experts, knowledgeable about your complete product portfolio, delivers transparency and eliminates redundant efforts. As your business grows and equipment evolves, our Independent Services Provider (ISP) guarantees unwavering support, proficiency, and on-site parts replacement regardless of location.
  4. Customer Satisfaction as the Ultimate Motivation:
    With Computergate as your Independent Service Provider, your satisfaction is our sole motivation. Unlike providers motivated by equipment sales or quotas, we are exclusively driven by ensuring your 100% satisfaction with the service we provide. Whether you require on-site extended warranty, comprehensive maintenance, or a reliable service technician, Computergate, as your Independent Service Provider, is fully equipped to handle all your needs.

Choose Computergate for a service partner that prioritizes your needs, provides comprehensive solutions, and ensures your satisfaction at every step.

ISP Service Benefits

• Extensive Service Network throughout ASEAN & Pacific region
• Trained-Certified Helpdesk Professionals
• Service Level Agreements designed to your needs
• Dedicated Phone Support
• Multiple location holdings of Consigned Spare Parts
• Warranty Renewals Management
• Computergate Quality & Service Commitment

Why choose Computergate as your partner?

Computergate stands out as a prominent Independent Service Provider across Asia, ANZ, APAC, North America, and certain parts of Eastern Europe. Our strong market presence not only provides an opportunity for service and vendor partners to add value but also offers depth and quality services to their customers, contributing to the establishment of new global business relationships. Here’s why partnering with Computergate is advantageous:

  1. Global Market Presence:
    Computergate’s extensive reach spans Asia, ANZ, APAC, North America, and specific regions in Eastern Europe. Partnering with us opens doors to a global market, allowing service and vendor partners to expand their reach and provide quality services on an international scale.
  2. Strategic Service Evolution:
    Our existing partners continually enhance their service capabilities and extend their reach by developing robust service strategies that align with their customers’ evolving needs. Partnering with Computergate means joining a community committed to growth and adaptability, ensuring your services stay aligned with industry trends.
  3. Cost-Efficient Global Service Offering:
    Utilizing Computergate as your service provider enables you to offer global services to your customers without the need for significant investments in resources and large overheads. This cost-efficient approach allows you to extend your service reach globally without compromising quality.
  4. Join the Computergate Family:
    Partnering with Computergate means becoming part of a family connected to a world leader in technology services. Enjoy the benefits of collaboration, shared expertise, and a network that empowers your company to thrive in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Choose Computergate as your partner and elevate your company’s global presence, service offerings, and customer satisfaction. Join us in shaping the future of technology services.

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