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Our resourcing services aim at helping your business to overcome challenges, maximise workforce efficiency and stay to competitive, through matching the best person to suit your needs. We also focus on facilitating IT professionals who are seeking a new career opportunity, allowing them to fully utilise their skill set. Our goal is to make employment more simple and easier for everyone. This is perfect for those clients who have flat or reducing head count and require specific projects to be outsourced for a short period of time.

Why you should choose Computergate to fill your next IT role

Benefits of working with Computergate

By choosing Computergate, you are trusting your business in the hands of a company that understands all the ins and outs of the IT world. Computergate upholds a level of expertise and resources that are globally acquired, far exceeding most other IT employers’ resources. Employers that engage our service are ensured that they are not just using another resourcing service but engaging in a relationship that does not just end when the job has been filled.

We pride ourselves on being efficient, allowing your job to be filled as soon as we possibly can, without having to sacrifice quality. This is done through our extensive vetting process, making sure the match is perfect for your business. Our expert knowledge of the IT market allows us to have the most in-demand technical skills already at our disposal, primed and ready to fit into your business. We not only ensure that our options are professional but are also personalised to suit your business’s needs and also have the characteristics to be a good employee for your company.

Locations Available:

Computergate is already set up in areas such as APAC, streamlining the process of finding the right person in the right location for your business. More specifically, we have vetted IT professionals in areas such as Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, India and more!

IT roles that we recruit for:

At Computergate we have a wide range of jobs that we recruit for, these include:

Desktop and End User Support

Providing help desk resolution, solving customers’ usage problems, as well as service desk needs, that are a requirement of the business’ needs.
This is available at Level 1.

Server and Network Support

In-depth technical support, providing maintenance and troubleshooting of network hardware, that are a requirement of the business’ needs.
This is available at Level 2

Project Coordination and Management

Overseeing the activities, resources, equipment and information, while ensuring deliverables are documented, monitored, reported on and delivered on time.

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