Collinson Power

Collinson Power UPS

Battery Regeneration & Maintenance for UPS, Telecom and industrial usage

Collinson Power’s EnRegen service consists of a complete service package for battery analyzing and restoring through the use of a wide range of reliable and industrial Collinson Power Battery Regenerators, chargers and battery accessories such as measuring equipment, safety kits and connectors. The EnRegen service can also be used to double the lifespan of batteries through annual battery maintenance.

Advantages of using EnRegen Battery Regeneration Service

• Dual usage of a battery discharger and battery charger
• Minimum maintenance cost compared to replacement of batteries
• Increased lifespan of batteries
• Quick regenerations
• Detailed test reports will be provided by our analysis software
• Automation program applied
• Wireless connection between regenerator and computer with no tangled cable mess
• Possibility to monitor the regenerator process on smartphone or laptop (within local network)
• Warranty of 6 to 12 months on regenerated batteries
• Usage of CE-certified Battery Regenerators (MET-certified for US market)

Support Services

We  provide extended warranty & maintenance services in Asia.  We have a choice of service levels from one-off repair to annual maintenance contracts.  All our engineers and technicians are Collinson Power UPS trained.

Computergate provides the following services to the client:

Warranty Extension, Emergency Response Repair, Predictive Diagnostics / Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Repair Services, Shutdown and Turnaround Services, Commissioning / Installation (up to 10kVA), Equipment Upgrades / Replacements / Retrofits, Battery Services, Software Installation

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Asia- 800 852 3860 

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