Accelerate your Growth with a
Service Centric Company


Adopt a ‘Peace of Mind’ with Computergate for all
your technology based Managed, Maintenance &
Partnering Services and Solutions


Together, let’s change the way service builds the world.
Transform your world
Gain access to a network of Skills, Technology and Passion
We believe deeply in making every company better.
Our service promotes best business practices.
Evolution is our methodology. Great service is
our goal.

Focus on Building Great Service with our Best Practice Approach

Computergate has a global network of like-minded organisations and partners to deliver comprehensive service at all levels. Building upon and enhancing areas of business that extends client support to offer unique, uncompromised customer service to our many loyal customers today and into the future.

We put your business needs first
Technology innovation
Market disruption
Industry transformation

Computergate offers peace of mind, service centric approach and technical expertise to meet your organization’s core expertise and values.
Who we are and what we do together can reshape the world.

Discover Our Disruptors

Focused on innovation, disruption and transformation,
the Service Centric state of mind is portable—around the world, to cities,
and across organizations.