Computergate offers expanded support services throughout Australia
for Lumin products

Computergate Will Repair Your Lumin Tablet 

  1. At time of service, email and advise the following details:
    1. Device Model & Serial number
    2. Contact & Site location being shipped from
    3. Fault details
    4. Expected arrive time with Courier waybill number.


  1.  Pack & Ship the device to the nominated Computergate office at the end users expense.

What Computergate Will Do For You

  1. Register all devices to be covered including the service entitlements, etc. Units requested to be covered after the installation date will be charged from the installation date.
  2. Purchase & maintain a pool of spare parts for the quantities sold. Failure rate estimated at 2% over 5 years.
  3. Computergate shall hold parts for the duration of these services in a secure location.
  4. Faulty parts shall be returned to vendor if any applicable warranty is available or eWaste any faulty parts or units deemed as non-repairable.
  5. Computergate will respond to requests for Service from the end user during the contracted period of maintenance, within the times as specified.
  6. A service ticket will be registered for each request for tracking & history purposes, identifying the problem to be resolved and the resolution along with any parts replaced.
  7. Computergate will confirm the service entitlements and advise the client of any discrepancies.
  8. Upon confirmation of service entitlement, Computergate will discuss with the client and triage the problem for the best course of action. If deemed to be a hardware failure, Computergate will repair and or replace the failed unit. Otherwise, the request will be directed to the Client to find a mutual outcome.
  9. Computergate will replace any faulty components & Test, with an average turnaround of 24-48 hours of the unit arriving at the nominated Computergate office. Then prepare for shipping the repaired device back to the end user.
  10. Devices that do not have a service entitlement shall be treated as Time and Materials and a quote offered for repair.

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