Computergate: The Smart Alternative

You can count on a team with extensive data center maintenance experience supporting Cisco, IBM, HP, Dell, Sun/Oracle, EMC, NetApp, Extreme/Enterasys, and Juniper equipment. Pyramid Technology Services offers custom-designed maintenance with industry-leading quality and reliability. Known as Computergate, it is the smart alternative that can save you, on average, 30 to 70% on OEM support prices. We handle it all — expertly — routers, switches, servers, optics and storage; and virtually any brand.

Build Performance, Reduce Risk, Lower Cost

We understand that the three legs of your IT “stool” are performance, risk and cost. Computergate will help you to maximize your performance while minimizing risk and maintaining cost levels as low as possible. Industry standards report that the majority of any company’s IT budget is spent on sustaining equipment rather than new purchases. It makes good sense to keep equipment functioning well for as long as possible, even after the recommended timelines

Computergate: In Tune with Your Needs

Pyramid, with more than 25 years of experience with new and refurbished networking equipment and servers, is uniquely qualified to help you with your needs. Because we understand your need for IT support, we have developed the specific services that you require: a single point of contact to facilitate customer care and provide technical expertise, innovative products for even the most complex data centers, access to hard-to-find and top-quality legacy parts, and varied vendor support and maintenance programs.

Benefits of Computergate:

  • Worldwide Support
  • Software Bug Fixes, Patches and Updates
  • Advice on End-of-Life and End-of-Support Equipment
  • Rapid Parts Replacement
  • Maintenance of Current Infrastructure
  • Blending of Varied OEM’s in a Single Contract
  • Flexible SLAs; On-site Spares
  • Immediate Help Desk Support
  • Manufacturing Support for All Major Brands

Choose Your Own Comfort Level

All of our options include comprehensive network hardware maintenance and support. Advanced hardware replacement, 24/7 technical support from certified network technicians, and access to customer portals for log-in and support services are primary features of each. Browse the details of our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Support Packages and choose the one to best serve your individual needs.

Hardware Maintenance Benefits

  • Save our Customers an average of 30-70% on maintenance costs.
    Rapid Parts Replacement – Reduce downtime and replace parts before an issue arises.
  • On-Site Coverage – Always have an experienced and certified IT engineer available.
  • Dedicated Account Manager – Someone familiar with your business operations and needs.
  • Help Desk Support – Immediate response and support.
  • Manufacturing Support – for all the leading equipment brands which includes over 90 manufacturers.-