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The number of phishing attacks and overall malware encounters are decreasing,Many attacks appear, inflict, and disappear within hours, even minutes, having stolen user credentials, corporate documents, and other sensitive information; launched a ransomware encryption, or found other means to achieve financial gain. As polymorphism continues to grow in prevalence and attack timelines speed up, it is more pressing than ever for organizations to adopt next generation security approaches that can adapt and predict malware behaviours as they evolve

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Depending on the size of your network, manually checking to make sure everyone is using correctly configured anti-virus software can take more time than you have. you may have  Software that gives you a console or central view of what protection is installed on what system, the settings each system has and the updates scheduled to occur. One good thing about this kind of approach is that all updates to the anti-virus software will occur locally rather than forcing every machine to hit the Internet to get the updates needed.

There are a growing number of hardware appliances that look at the IP protocols on the network to see what kind of activity is there and what is considered “abnormal”.

Call us now for advice on what settings you should have in place on your system.  We can check that everyone has the anti-virus software installed with the latest signatures in place and they’re doing periodic scans. Do you want a report to give you the information you need without having the look at every machine individually.?

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