General Protection Tips

  • Make sure your chosen endpoint security is installed and set up correctly
  • Check regularly that your backups are working
  • Ensure the latest Windows updates are applied
  • Use a modern browser with Ad Blocking plugin.

How does Webroot stop crypto ransomware?

We have identified a number of techniques, such as process injection, which are used by malware writers to defeat detection by both traditional and next-generation antimalware solutions. The challenge with process injection is that it can also occur for legitimate reasons. We are, therefore, extremely thorough in how we identify malicious injection, and have created a system that allows us to monitor the process injection techniques being used, so our solutions can react quickly and appropriately. This is a very important development, as malware defence is a highly dynamic area with a near constant stream of new tactics for evading detection.

Use Reputable, Proven, Multi-Vector Endpoint Security

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