Win-Win for Canberra & 3D printing


As Australians begin to embrace 3D printing, another industrial revolution has begun and shortly there will be great demand for skilled people.

One of the problems we identified in regard to Australians adopting 3D printing was a lack of extended warranty provisions and easy to use support.  Without these in place many 3D printers were not being utilised and this discouraged users.  The A3DMA has canvassed clients about their intentions in regard to 3D printing.  Lack of knowledge and adequate support was identified as a barrier to purchasing a 3D printer.  Focus on delivering service that exceeds customer expectations is exactly what the 3D printing industry needs right now.

Computergate has been developing further it’s national level best practice support arrangements and has partnered with Aussie 3D in Canberra to offer on-site extended warranty services that will cover parts & or labour, along with helpdesk assistance during business hours. This  now means that not only 3D printer users, along with a complete range of IT services, all customers can now get telephone and onsite support service by calling our 1300 137585 service hotline.

The A3DMA runs a schools program that aims to equip teachers and students,  Aussie 3D supplying 3D printers nationally and Computergate Australia are focused on this latest tech boom.  One of the lessons learned from running specialist accreditation programs is that we had to select machines that were easy to use, or to borrow from the IT industry, suitably plug and play.  Many of the available 3D printers can require a lot of tuning to get results and price is not a good indicator of this.  Assessing machines for suitability for use in the program is key.  This evaluation provides a neutral and unbiased process of selecting printers that can be supported and provide the outcomes that customers are looking for.

The services provided through Computergate will greatly assist the Australian 3D manufacturing industry and all Australians. Call us now on 1300 137585 for any of your service requirements.