Partner Projects & Services

The Computergate Teams around the region have been busy around the region delivering services in many projects. Here are some of the many we have been engaged with in recent months:

IT infrastructure rollout and windows upgrade of a large multi-national company throughout APAC awarded to us via a Global Partner. Initially commenced in New Zealand and Indonesia and is now two thirds completed. We will shortly be commencing in Singapore and Australia to follow this coming quarter. This has been a full end to end rollout with over 1500 devices in each County complimented with Project Management. Our success of this current rollout has seen additional Projects been awarded to us via the same Partner. A similar Win10 rollout Project has just been completed in Japan.

To complement our current ‘Point of Sale’ service offerings, we have recently signed up a Global clothing retail chain providing full end to end solution with Helpdesk and Onsite Support across Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, other regions to follow. This service has streamlined our ‘Work Flow’ capabilities and enhanced our communication network giving direct technical access to Stores throughout the region.

From a Managed Service Capacity, a new client in Singapore engaged Computergate to create a virtual environment to run his SAP clients within Amazon. This is now monitored through our Guardian portal. Along with this, we are currently rolling out over 600 Lenovo Tiny PC’s into new security complex in Melbourne and set a record dismantling a Data Centre with 13 racks of full of server & comms equipment within 3 days.

We are now heavily engaged with putting Full-Time Engineers (FTE’s) on long term special projects with our partners. FTE’s are now being rolled out in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia & Thailand. With many more projects coming through, we suspect this will be a significant benefit to support Partners in the region.

Further strengthening has been achieved through building our Service Partner Network & Internal resources to meet the demand of newly formed Vendor, Partner & Distributor network. This all means our capacity to offer solutions & services regional is gaining great momentum. The recognition our achievements have created goes well for future projects and our ability to deliver quality services at all levels.

Harold Raman
Executive Director- APAC Partner Services

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