Update #2 from  Computergate’s CEO  Mario Greco

Update #2 from Computergate’s CEO Mario Greco


As indicated in my earlier blog, the broadening of our service capabilities globally means we have to prepare for further changes to meet the demands of our partners within the region. Our push into New Zealand strategy is now beginning to take form, with Auckland being our focus and now in business development mode to build a strong service base to leverage from.

Along with our regional centralised helpdesk services, our New Zealand clients can now contact 0800-886-077 during normal business hours and a friendly technician is available for support, or I can assist with any services you may need.

As we are building our future in New Zealand, now is the time to get a great deal from Computergate for any Managed or Maintenance Services. I look forward to talking with you on how we can build a strong relationship together.

Our eCom site is progressing slowly, this will be launched over the coming weeks. However, you can get glimpses of this by clicking on the shopping cart on www.computergate.com.au. If you are happy to be part of our testing phase please let me know and I will be happy to offer special discounts on our products by doing so.

Computergate had its 14th Birthday this week, looking back on these past years it has been a pleasant journey.  My vision of a service network throughout APAC is now really taking shape and I would like to thank all of my vendors, Distributors, Service Partner and clients who have been instrumental in the growth of my organisation. There are more exciting times ahead as we grow organically throughout the region and build stronger relationships with all of you.


Mario Greco
Chief Executive Officer
mario.greco@computergate.com.au – +6141156019

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