Computergate Reshapes Service Focus

Computergate Reshapes Service Focus

Computergate has announced a new company structure to reshape its future strategy to focus on building Services business throughout APAC. To expedite this,the appointement of two Executive Directors has been implemented.

Joining the Executive team is shaun Williamson,now Executive Director of Managed Services for all ‘Direct Client Services’.Harold Raman becomes the Executive Director of ‘Partner Services’. This change brings greater focus in both the verticals for new business opportunities going forward. Raymond Jeffrey- Executive Director for Asia, Lorraine Howe – CFO and Mario Greco -CEO make up the Executive team.

“We have recognised the need to differentiate our ‘Direct’ & ‘indirect’ customers and the different delivery processes each brings’, Computergate CEO Mario Greco said.

“In order to provide the best, tailored customer experience, it is a logical move to implement structural changes that will clearly demarcate and differentiate our approach.”

Going forward, Greco said the ‘Partner Services’ group will continue to drive the company’s APAC initiative through its Global Service Partners & building Vendor Service offerings within the Distribution & Channel network.

Meanwhile, the ‘Managed Services’ group will focus on expanding the product portfolio and customer base across Australia & New Zealand.

“Whilst both business groups will use the same systems and work horizonatally across the rest of the business, such a structural change is needed so the comapany can implement focused strategies into two very different business groups,” Greco added.

“We believe this change will provide a clear focus and ensure the right investments are made to accelerate growth.”


Mario Greco
Chief Executive Officer