Partner Projects & Services

The Computergate Teams around the region have been busy around the region delivering services in many projects. Here are some of the many we have been engaged with in recent months:

IT infrastructure rollout and windows upgrade of a large multi-national company throughout APAC awarded to us via a Global Partner. Initially commenced in New Zealand and Indonesia and is now two thirds completed. We will shortly be commencing in Singapore and Australia to follow this coming quarter. This has been a full end to end rollout with over 1500 devices in each County complimented with Project Management. Our success of this current rollout has seen additional Projects been awarded to us via the same Partner. A similar Win10 rollout Project has just been completed in Japan.

To complement our current ‘Point of Sale’ service offerings, we have recently signed up a Global clothing retail chain providing full end to end solution with Helpdesk and Onsite Support across Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, other regions to follow. This service has streamlined our ‘Work Flow’ capabilities and enhanced our communication network giving direct technical access to Stores throughout the region.

From a Managed Service Capacity, a new client in Singapore engaged Computergate to create a virtual environment to run his SAP clients within Amazon. This is now monitored through our Guardian portal. Along with this, we are currently rolling out over 600 Lenovo Tiny PC’s into new security complex in Melbourne and set a record dismantling a Data Centre with 13 racks of full of server & comms equipment within 3 days.

We are now heavily engaged with putting Full-Time Engineers (FTE’s) on long term special projects with our partners. FTE’s are now being rolled out in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia & Thailand. With many more projects coming through, we suspect this will be a significant benefit to support Partners in the region.

Further strengthening has been achieved through building our Service Partner Network & Internal resources to meet the demand of newly formed Vendor, Partner & Distributor network. This all means our capacity to offer solutions & services regional is gaining great momentum. The recognition our achievements have created goes well for future projects and our ability to deliver quality services at all levels.

Harold Raman
Executive Director- APAC Partner Services

Computergate expands Services into South East Asia

Computergate expands Services into South East Asia

Australian Service Provider Computergate has launched itself into South East Asia by extending value-added warranties for INTEL and other related products in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam & Indonesia. Computergate, which specialises in extending Vendor warranties, Partner and Managed support services, is working closely with newly formed distribution partners to value-add existing vendor warranties through the channel.

Mario Greco, Computergate Chief Executive Officer, says “We have extended our support offerings and scope into SE Asia where our vendor partners have been asking us to support them. With so many new and exciting opportunities, it was time Computergate increased its focus by further invested locally in the Asia.” Mario Greco says. “Our value added on-site services cover INTEL and related products through a value based offering with on-site replacement for up to 5 years.“

“The company has been working closely with INTEL, whereby in Australia & New Zealand we have successfully implemented Extended Warranty & RMA services for NUC & Servers. Mario Greco says that “Our ‘Partner Services’ business is home to a range of services to international brands and technologies designed to strategically position Computergate to provide its partners with the support services to help grow their businesses.”

Raymond Jeffrey, Computergate’s Executive Director based out of Singapore who will spearhead the charge in Asia, says “The opening of our services throughout SE Asia enables Computergate to further meet the growing demands from vendors to assist distributors dealers and resellers to access international brands service and support locally.”

“As the new kids on the block, we need to ensure that we not only meet, but exceed the expectations of the industry,” Jeffrey says. “I have witnessed the fast paced changes in technology and I’m ready to help our customers to face those challenges ahead,” he adds.
Computergate’s portfolio is home to more than 20 vendors, including INTEL, ASUS, Gigabyte, ATEN, Milestone, Contex, QNAP, Synology, Rimage, to mention a few. Mario Greco says “Our service centric approach to our partners and customers will add ‘healthy competition’ to the local market.”

The expansion of Computergate’s Services is attracting many local distributor’s and Reseller in all countries we are positioning our services. Please contact us for more information to learn more about how Computergate can help you offer a greater service presence and join the growing number of Partners looking to grow their product offerings.


Mario Greco
Chief Executive Officer



Computergate Reshapes Service Focus

Computergate Reshapes Service Focus

Computergate has announced a new company structure to reshape its future strategy to focus on building Services business throughout APAC. To expedite this,the appointement of two Executive Directors has been implemented.

Joining the Executive team is shaun Williamson,now Executive Director of Managed Services for all ‘Direct Client Services’.Harold Raman becomes the Executive Director of ‘Partner Services’. This change brings greater focus in both the verticals for new business opportunities going forward. Raymond Jeffrey- Executive Director for Asia, Lorraine Howe – CFO and Mario Greco -CEO make up the Executive team.

“We have recognised the need to differentiate our ‘Direct’ & ‘indirect’ customers and the different delivery processes each brings’, Computergate CEO Mario Greco said.

“In order to provide the best, tailored customer experience, it is a logical move to implement structural changes that will clearly demarcate and differentiate our approach.”

Going forward, Greco said the ‘Partner Services’ group will continue to drive the company’s APAC initiative through its Global Service Partners & building Vendor Service offerings within the Distribution & Channel network.

Meanwhile, the ‘Managed Services’ group will focus on expanding the product portfolio and customer base across Australia & New Zealand.

“Whilst both business groups will use the same systems and work horizonatally across the rest of the business, such a structural change is needed so the comapany can implement focused strategies into two very different business groups,” Greco added.

“We believe this change will provide a clear focus and ensure the right investments are made to accelerate growth.”


Mario Greco
Chief Executive Officer