Computergate appoints New Zealand Country Manager

Computergate appoints New Zealand Country Manager

Computergate IT Consultant Gavin Benson has taken up the role in the company as New Zealand Country Manager where he will spearhead operations from Auckland.

The service provider, which specialises in Vendor Warranties & Partner and Managed support services, has appointed Benson as New Zealand Country Manager, responsible for New Zealand & Pacific Islands operations.

Benson moved to New Zealand from South Africa with his wife and two sons in 2016 bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from pre-sales up to project delivery and management.

Most recently Benson led a South African IT venture, Frog-IT, engaging mainly in Managed Services and IT projects focussing on premium customer service. He has an excellent track record of brand growth and support through customer engagement and maintaining service levels. With a wide skill set and strong background in sales & business development Benson has laid down a strong foundation for Computergate.

“It has been an exciting time joining Computergate and helping to grow the New Zealand branch of this global player to the significant operation that it is today. This promotion will only strengthen the ability that Computergate has to provide first class customer service to the various sectors and brands that we support.” says Benson. “We have an aggressive growth strategy in place which will deliver expansion and enable Computergate to strengthen the current structure in New Zealand.”

Mario Greco, Computergate Chief Executive Officer, says “We have met and exceeded expectations in a market where our partners had been asking us to support them. With so many new and exciting opportunities Computergate ventured across the Tasman and invested locally in the market here and we have seen noteworthy growth in New Zealand.”

Computergate’s portfolio is home to more than 20 vendors, including Intel, ATEN, Milestone, QNAP, Synology, Rimage, and the recently added Gigabyte, to mention a few. Greco says ‘Our service centric approach to our partners and customers has clearly given the company a huge advantage in developing our service capabilities and enabled a stronghold in the market for all of our partners.

Gavin’s appointment gives Computergate an even stronger foothold in region that will provide maximum benefit for Vendors, Distributors, Resellers and clients in New Zealand.

For more information contact:
Gavin Benson
Computergate New Zealand
Mobile : +64 22 155 1706
Email :

Partner Projects & Services

The Computergate Teams around the region have been busy around the region delivering services in many projects. Here are some of the many we have been engaged with in recent months:

IT infrastructure rollout and windows upgrade of a large multi-national company throughout APAC awarded to us via a Global Partner. Initially commenced in New Zealand and Indonesia and is now two thirds completed. We will shortly be commencing in Singapore and Australia to follow this coming quarter. This has been a full end to end rollout with over 1500 devices in each County complimented with Project Management. Our success of this current rollout has seen additional Projects been awarded to us via the same Partner. A similar Win10 rollout Project has just been completed in Japan.

To complement our current ‘Point of Sale’ service offerings, we have recently signed up a Global clothing retail chain providing full end to end solution with Helpdesk and Onsite Support across Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, other regions to follow. This service has streamlined our ‘Work Flow’ capabilities and enhanced our communication network giving direct technical access to Stores throughout the region.

From a Managed Service Capacity, a new client in Singapore engaged Computergate to create a virtual environment to run his SAP clients within Amazon. This is now monitored through our Guardian portal. Along with this, we are currently rolling out over 600 Lenovo Tiny PC’s into new security complex in Melbourne and set a record dismantling a Data Centre with 13 racks of full of server & comms equipment within 3 days.

We are now heavily engaged with putting Full-Time Engineers (FTE’s) on long term special projects with our partners. FTE’s are now being rolled out in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia & Thailand. With many more projects coming through, we suspect this will be a significant benefit to support Partners in the region.

Further strengthening has been achieved through building our Service Partner Network & Internal resources to meet the demand of newly formed Vendor, Partner & Distributor network. This all means our capacity to offer solutions & services regional is gaining great momentum. The recognition our achievements have created goes well for future projects and our ability to deliver quality services at all levels.

Harold Raman
Executive Director- APAC Partner Services

Computergate expands Services into South East Asia

Computergate expands Services into South East Asia

Australian Service Provider Computergate has launched itself into South East Asia by extending value-added warranties for INTEL and other related products in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam & Indonesia. Computergate, which specialises in extending Vendor warranties, Partner and Managed support services, is working closely with newly formed distribution partners to value-add existing vendor warranties through the channel.

Mario Greco, Computergate Chief Executive Officer, says “We have extended our support offerings and scope into SE Asia where our vendor partners have been asking us to support them. With so many new and exciting opportunities, it was time Computergate increased its focus by further invested locally in the Asia.” Mario Greco says. “Our value added on-site services cover INTEL and related products through a value based offering with on-site replacement for up to 5 years.“

“The company has been working closely with INTEL, whereby in Australia & New Zealand we have successfully implemented Extended Warranty & RMA services for NUC & Servers. Mario Greco says that “Our ‘Partner Services’ business is home to a range of services to international brands and technologies designed to strategically position Computergate to provide its partners with the support services to help grow their businesses.”

Raymond Jeffrey, Computergate’s Executive Director based out of Singapore who will spearhead the charge in Asia, says “The opening of our services throughout SE Asia enables Computergate to further meet the growing demands from vendors to assist distributors dealers and resellers to access international brands service and support locally.”

“As the new kids on the block, we need to ensure that we not only meet, but exceed the expectations of the industry,” Jeffrey says. “I have witnessed the fast paced changes in technology and I’m ready to help our customers to face those challenges ahead,” he adds.
Computergate’s portfolio is home to more than 20 vendors, including INTEL, ASUS, Gigabyte, ATEN, Milestone, Contex, QNAP, Synology, Rimage, to mention a few. Mario Greco says “Our service centric approach to our partners and customers will add ‘healthy competition’ to the local market.”

The expansion of Computergate’s Services is attracting many local distributor’s and Reseller in all countries we are positioning our services. Please contact us for more information to learn more about how Computergate can help you offer a greater service presence and join the growing number of Partners looking to grow their product offerings.


Mario Greco
Chief Executive Officer



Computergate Reshapes Service Focus

Computergate Reshapes Service Focus

Computergate has announced a new company structure to reshape its future strategy to focus on building Services business throughout APAC. To expedite this,the appointement of two Executive Directors has been implemented.

Joining the Executive team is shaun Williamson,now Executive Director of Managed Services for all ‘Direct Client Services’.Harold Raman becomes the Executive Director of ‘Partner Services’. This change brings greater focus in both the verticals for new business opportunities going forward. Raymond Jeffrey- Executive Director for Asia, Lorraine Howe – CFO and Mario Greco -CEO make up the Executive team.

“We have recognised the need to differentiate our ‘Direct’ & ‘indirect’ customers and the different delivery processes each brings’, Computergate CEO Mario Greco said.

“In order to provide the best, tailored customer experience, it is a logical move to implement structural changes that will clearly demarcate and differentiate our approach.”

Going forward, Greco said the ‘Partner Services’ group will continue to drive the company’s APAC initiative through its Global Service Partners & building Vendor Service offerings within the Distribution & Channel network.

Meanwhile, the ‘Managed Services’ group will focus on expanding the product portfolio and customer base across Australia & New Zealand.

“Whilst both business groups will use the same systems and work horizonatally across the rest of the business, such a structural change is needed so the comapany can implement focused strategies into two very different business groups,” Greco added.

“We believe this change will provide a clear focus and ensure the right investments are made to accelerate growth.”


Mario Greco
Chief Executive Officer

Computergate – A Global Independent Service Provider

Computergate – A Global Independent Service Provider

This last month Computergate launched, through its Partner news feeds, a new branding strategy identifying ourselves as an ‘Independent Service Provider’ along with new collateral and logo “Computergate – A Global Independent Service Provider’. Our significant achievements in Partner, Vendor, Maintenance & Managed Services over this time has allowed Computergate to flex its muscle in the market place and develop a new channel market to enable our services to be sold through Vendors, major Distributors and on-line through our new portal. This, no doubt,  giving every one of our customers the ability to obtain competitive and extensive extended warranty and break/fix services. Please read our new Independent Service Provider brochure, it can be downloaded here, any enquiries can be directed to me via email or my office   number. Download ISP Brochure

The company vision I set out last year has enabled us to offer independent services and is being seen as complementing our partners products and creating revenue streams through ‘White Labelling’ our services or offering Computergate branded services. Thus, acknowledging further growth in sales collaboratively at a global scale. Our recent Partner News shows the range of Partnerships and offerings we continue to grow, the sharing of information is key to building strong relationships with strong brands to the marketplace that share similar values to Computergate.

On the ‘Building the Future’ front, we now have the Brisbane and Auckland branches operation, supported by a growing Service Network throughout the region and still looking to expand organically where it makes sense.

Through many referrals and requests being received, which we are very grateful for, has confirmed the recognition we have in the brand and the reach that has been created. We welcome your support and any customer who is looking for assistance no matter how small.

Internally, all of our staff are working hard to make these changes and now build efficiencies in our process to develop the services growth we expect to see in the future. We look forward to this coming year and continue attracting like-minded organisations that have the capacity to build business together along with our capacity to diversify our service portfolio and reach makes Computergate an attractive offering.


Mario Greco
Chief Executive Officer – +6141156019

Network audit for free

Network audit for free


Computergate New Zealand is offering a free network audit to qualifying customers.

Computergate will provide a full Network Audit Report detailing all short term and long term recommendations.

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Update #2 from  Computergate’s CEO  Mario Greco

Update #2 from Computergate’s CEO Mario Greco


As indicated in my earlier blog, the broadening of our service capabilities globally means we have to prepare for further changes to meet the demands of our partners within the region. Our push into New Zealand strategy is now beginning to take form, with Auckland being our focus and now in business development mode to build a strong service base to leverage from.

Along with our regional centralised helpdesk services, our New Zealand clients can now contact 0800-886-077 during normal business hours and a friendly technician is available for support, or I can assist with any services you may need.

As we are building our future in New Zealand, now is the time to get a great deal from Computergate for any Managed or Maintenance Services. I look forward to talking with you on how we can build a strong relationship together.

Our eCom site is progressing slowly, this will be launched over the coming weeks. However, you can get glimpses of this by clicking on the shopping cart on If you are happy to be part of our testing phase please let me know and I will be happy to offer special discounts on our products by doing so.

Computergate had its 14th Birthday this week, looking back on these past years it has been a pleasant journey.  My vision of a service network throughout APAC is now really taking shape and I would like to thank all of my vendors, Distributors, Service Partner and clients who have been instrumental in the growth of my organisation. There are more exciting times ahead as we grow organically throughout the region and build stronger relationships with all of you.


Mario Greco
Chief Executive Officer – +6141156019

Win-Win for Canberra & 3D printing


As Australians begin to embrace 3D printing, another industrial revolution has begun and shortly there will be great demand for skilled people.

One of the problems we identified in regard to Australians adopting 3D printing was a lack of extended warranty provisions and easy to use support.  Without these in place many 3D printers were not being utilised and this discouraged users.  The A3DMA has canvassed clients about their intentions in regard to 3D printing.  Lack of knowledge and adequate support was identified as a barrier to purchasing a 3D printer.  Focus on delivering service that exceeds customer expectations is exactly what the 3D printing industry needs right now.

Computergate has been developing further it’s national level best practice support arrangements and has partnered with Aussie 3D in Canberra to offer on-site extended warranty services that will cover parts & or labour, along with helpdesk assistance during business hours. This  now means that not only 3D printer users, along with a complete range of IT services, all customers can now get telephone and onsite support service by calling our 1300 137585 service hotline.

The A3DMA runs a schools program that aims to equip teachers and students,  Aussie 3D supplying 3D printers nationally and Computergate Australia are focused on this latest tech boom.  One of the lessons learned from running specialist accreditation programs is that we had to select machines that were easy to use, or to borrow from the IT industry, suitably plug and play.  Many of the available 3D printers can require a lot of tuning to get results and price is not a good indicator of this.  Assessing machines for suitability for use in the program is key.  This evaluation provides a neutral and unbiased process of selecting printers that can be supported and provide the outcomes that customers are looking for.

The services provided through Computergate will greatly assist the Australian 3D manufacturing industry and all Australians. Call us now on 1300 137585 for any of your service requirements.



Update from  Computergate’s  CEO Mario Greco

Update from Computergate’s CEO Mario Greco


Computergate’s CEO Mario Greco

Our strategy implemented 18 month’s ago has paid off, our focus on building services through global partners and vendor relationships throughout APAC has given us a real boost to end the financial year on a positive note.

Moving into the next phase, we are already seeing some real upswing. The broadening of our service capabilities globally means we have to prepare for further changes internally to ensure that our delivery process means we continue to maintain high satisfaction levels at all times.

Denise Vaughan, a 14 year veteran at Computergate has been promoted to National Sales Director for Australia. Her sales team, consisting of Christine Stillitano (National Sales Exec) & Jimmy Balwan (Level 3 technician) bond together to focus on selling solutions and services to our clients nationwide.

Shaun Williamson, previously a Level 2 technician for over 5 years, has been elevated to Southern Region Service Delivery Manager and further develop & build the services team to provide exceptional post sales services in the region. His team consists of techs from both Melbourne and Singapore. Shaun’s counterpart in Sydney, Harold Raman, will continue to manage the Northern Region.

In our Singapore office, headed up by Executive Director Raymond Jeffrey, who has been instrumental in expanding our capabilities throughout Asia, will continue to build and penetrate further in the Asian market. Our keen technicians will be fully integrated into the helpdesk and will be integral in delivering remote support throughout the region.

As of August 1, the helpdesk will provide an 8am to 8pm service window, whereby customer can call either 1300 137-585 in Australia, or 800 852-3860 in Asia, and a technician will be available to assist with any technical requirement you may have.

Along with these staff changes, our new office in Brisbane will come on-line over the coming weeks, where we will be looking to grow our customer base further.

Furthermore, we have seen a high demand for service In New Zealand, we are now a registered company and looking to grow our service capabilities over the coming months.

Finally, we are developing an e-Commerce site to automate warranties and renewals process. This will make it easier for everyone to generate quotes quickly and purchase on-line. This will be ready late August.

I envisage some exciting times over the coming months and with the above strategic changes we will be prepared and look forward to the challenges ahead with all of our friends and partners.


Mario Greco
Chief Executive Officer